7 Tips You Could Use to Conserve Internet Bandwidth for Your Business

Many organizations are moving more services to the cloud every day. This is crucial but also consumes so much bandwidth. It is therefore very important that we make an efficient usage of the internet that we have. Here are some of the most relevant techniques that we could use to do so.

Throttle Access to Content Streaming Web-pages

This is very simple to do. Block any access that allows employees to use the company’s bandwidth for personal activities. As a matter of fact you should deny them access to streaming media sites. Today certain platforms e.g the social media has integrated “live” application too.

Scan for Some Specific Virus Such as the Malware

Malware is the bandwidth burglar. If left unchecked, it can rob your organization of so much bandwidth and in turn even push all your PCs into becoming bots. You should come up with cool options that will keep all your internet connected desktops clean. Find experts to help you out.

Manage the Cloud Backed Applications Available

In case you have incorporated cloud based backup check to see if the application has a management option. Is it possible to throttle it? Only leave operating systems that are necessary for your business. This is especially true for the newest cloud based server for small business.

Take Time to Identify Your Heaviest Users First

Because it is an organization, there will be some departments that will use more internet than others. You should identify these users first. When you do so, you could easily determine the reasons why such users could be consuming more bandwidth and what can be done to trim it.

Limit the Usage of VoIP Bandwidth Protocol Too

VoIP is bandwidth intensive. While it can be used with major firms that are already established, any startup that intends to use it should implement a policy that only allows phones to be used for business calls only. Many people today own cell phones so limiting office phones ain’t bad.

Start Using the Proxy Cache Mechanism Soonest

Proxy cache helps to limit the amount of traffic that web users might create while they browse. Here is how it works. When a user visits your site, the page contents are cached. This is done in a proxy server, so that the next time the same user visits opens the same page the content doesn’t have to download as it exists. This saves more use of bandwidth.

Create a central Location for Application Updates

If every PC in your office was to down load periodical updates for software, it could mean disaster on the bandwidth. The best option is to create a central downloading location and then setting up a WSUS server that in turn downloads all the updates available to individual PCs too.

It is usually advisable to find the best small business server consultant to work with. You should however look into their professional background, level of experience, training, and reviews too.

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