Business with a Heart, Rising Above the Competition

Imagine the busy New York streets beaming not just with the must-see attractions and off-the-beaten paths, but also with bustling, countless rows of dining places and entertainment venues. How do you stand out from this highly-competitive environment?

With the stiff competition in New York’s hospitality sector, one company outstandingly emerge as a trendsetter – the EMM Group. And the company isn’t just successful; it is also one of the most multi-faceted management companies in the city’s hospitality industry.

EMM Group was founded in 2006 by two close friends who, two years later were joined by a third partner. The combined efforts of the three of them reflect how hands-on and skilled they are in running their business, evidenced by their growing empire.

The company operates various venues including the globally-influenced CATCH and CATCH Roof, which are located at the heart of Manhattan, Meatpacking District. The company also operates LULU’S, FINALE and Lexington Brass.

What do they do to make them soar above their competitors and ensure their success? Some of their strategies include the superior marketing tactics.

Many have recognized EMM’s success even during the early days of its operations, bagging $12 million revenue during its first year of venture. Four years later, the company had established four other venues that are equally successful.

Interestingly, the EMM Group has been dubbed as one of the most successful hospitality companies in the East Coast. And its reputation is not limited to its thriving restaurants and prosperous nightclubs; it also cuts across other business areas such as event management and lifestyle management. The company’s business has grown tremendously and has taken over the busy New York’s nightlife.

To date, EMM has earned an indisputable and solid reputation in the hospitality industry. The company has been busy organizing countless events, making the company grow into a versatile center of various hospitality events.

But more than all the success stories, it is heartwarming to note that the group’s mission is not just about achieving a healthy bottomline. EMM proudly supports The Bowery Mission and Common Ground, an organization that works to end homelessness in the city.

At the end of the day, EMM’s success story reflects not just how excellent the business partners are in running in their business. It also shows that the three gentlemen have big hearts outside of their business ventures.

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