Choose Cayman Islands Today For Your Investments

Are you an entrepreneur looking for the best place to invest? Cayman Islands is the right place to be. As an ideal investor this British Overseas Territory which sits south of Cuba and North West of Jamaica will definitely have your back.

Being the world’s best offshore financial center, situating your company right in the middle of these three islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman will certainly pay off.

Ideally with the 14th highest GDP in the world, strong dollar currency, and the highest standard of living in the Caribbean Cayman in an exceptional place to be in.

In fact to make your investment more lucrative you will not be subjected to any income tax, capital gains tax, or corporation tax. The government’s only source of revenue is indirect taxation.

So choose today and put up an ideal private company in these lucrative shores. A Cayman Island Offshore Company will always be a perfect choice for the best Exempt Company.

Well as an Exempt Company in the Cayman Islands your company will be privately owned with not more than 20 individual owners in shares. Again the beneficial interests of the shares must not be in anyway attached directly or indirectly to any corporation.

Since Cayman Islands love to see your investment flourishing, the companies’ registrar will complete your company’s registration within two days, and issue you with a legal certificate of incorporation. In fact you will be allowed to enjoy the shelf company availability.

Usually the registration fees for such a company is always very affordable. For a share capital not exceeding 50,000 USD the fee will stand around 732 USD. Yet for anything that exceeds 50, 000 USD but which doesn’t exceed 1,000,000 USD a fee of 1098 USD will apply.

And just like we have stated before, do not worry about any forms of taxation because they are non existing. Except for the minimum annual government fees of 732 USD, you will not be required to pay up anything more on your Cayman Island Offshore Company.

So where do we come in to give you that helping hand? Usually in the Cayman Islands the law requires a licensed custodian to hold bearer shares to the order of the beneficial owner and we will help you to do this.

Ideally the standard minimum paid up shares is usually at 1USD. So for a standard authorized capital of a company which usually stands at 50,000 USD, there will be 50,000 worth of shares for the same.

Cayman is an exceptional so work with us to help you invest. If you need a Cayman Island Offshore Company that works, join Cayman Islands today.

You can use any currency for your company capital. Again you can own your company as an individual shareholder, with one director.

You will need to work with corporate directors, but when it comes down to the company seal, local directors, secretary, or requirement to file an account, that will be your choice to make. How best can investing get? Welcome to the Cayman Islands.

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