Coffee Shops Owner’s Preference—Paper Coffee Cups

There was once a period in the coffee shop industry when coffee shops used to serve their steaming hot coffees in large and heavy mugs and cups which make it very delightful and invigorating to drink. Gone were those days, when you have to carry a heavy coffee mug on your hand while you conversed with your friends in the cafe. Nowadays, most coffee shop owners are readily shifting to the use of paper coffee cups because of the advantages it affords them. They think they get more mileage in using paper cups than those reusable mugs and cups. They reason out that they don’t need to hire an additional body to handle the washing of those reusable coffee mugs. Therefore, they deemed the use of paper cups as more cost-effective. Likewise, they think it is quite easy to dispose of the paper cups without creating much trouble with the environment. Moreover, the business brands of their coffee shops can be easily promoted if the logos of their business will be printed on the paper coffee cups—a thing which they can never really easily do with the reusable mugs. And we all know that a logo is expressive of one’s business and the recall factor which logo has can be readily maximized if they are printed on the paper cups.  So these are the main reasons why cafe owners are shifting to the use of paper cups.

Disposable Coffee Cups Versus Mugs

Many coffee aficionados do miss the time when they were using coffee mugs for their coffee drinks. Yes, there is something very masculine in the use of coffee mugs because of the sturdy body of mugs and their very dependable handle which remind me of the dumbbells in the gym. Moreover, the mugs give us a classic feeling—akin to nostalgia—of the bygone past. Yet, with the fast-paced way of modern life, the popularity of paper coffee cups have become imminent owing to the fact that paper cups can be taken out of the cafe for free and can be brought anywhere you want to bring them. Moreover, you can stroll around the park with a sturdy paper cup on your hand allowing you to sip your coffee along the way. Likewise, these paper cups have lids which make the cups spill-proof. The convenience and the ease with which we can do away with the used paper cups make them an ideal replacement for the heavy mugs. In a way, the arrival of disposable coffee cups spells doom for the once popular mugs of the cafeteria.  You may rue the demise of the once proud and powerful coffee mugs of the cafeteria, yet the convenience afforded by the paper cups can never be played down.

You may be desirous of going back to the time when coffee mugs are the sole possessors of coffee in the cafeteria. You may be saddened by the fact that the mighty mugs have been replaced by the less sturdy paper cups. But the old ways have to give way to the new one.

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