Combating Your Stress The Smartest Way

So you are worried that you might lose your job? That your marriage might break? Or you might disappoint those who love you? Tell you what, you are not alone.

From time to time, many of us will encounter various problems that might threaten to tear us apart. Beginning with a bad day in office, a sick kid back at home, an abusive spouse, to an irresponsible boss, stuff happens that can virtually make us angry, withdrawn, scared, or hurt.


But life is always full of such instances that we will feel like we are losing it all with one toss, or winning it all with a sudden risk. And when it turns out exactly how we anticipated, or misses on our desire, our bodies react in a way that will leave us stressed out.

It is this sudden reaction usually in the most negative way, called stress that I intend to talk about in this post. As a therapist who has dealt with many patients in my career I understand what it can be like to be stressed.

And while I have also had my fair share, one thing if for sure, without ideal stress reduction skills no one will save their skin from the destruction that stress imposes. In many occasions stress will leave you worried, scared, with low self esteem, and with poor sleeping or eating habits.

At worst it will leave you to nurse very chronic illnesses including depression, cancer, or memory loss. So how effectively can you combat stress? In my time the one very ideal way that I have learnt that will combat stress is finding the ideal relaxation response.

Here the first thing that you will need to accept is that stress is necessary in life. From time to time you will be stressed out for the right reasons.

But as long as you can control your stress so that it doesn’t interrupt with your healthy state of mind, you will be easy to handle it out. You can usually do this by practicing any of these relaxation techniques.

Breathing Technique For Stress Relief

Trust me, deep breathing is a simple yet very powerful tool for combating stress. It provides very quick and easy steps to get your stress levels into check, releases the tension quicker than you might anticipate, and controls your adrenaline levels.

Mindfulness For Stress Relief

Another great way to combat stress is by mindfulness meditation. Whether you are using yoga or ideal body scans skills, you will be surprised how perfect any of these will be for releasing your stress and getting you back to a relaxed posture.

Ideally any great mindfulness based stress reduction will use exactly this. In fact sometimes you will need to tense or relax any of your muscles depending on what you choose, or focus on the sensation of each part of your body.

Other techniques will include visualization, body scan meditation, and progressive muscle relaxation, also known as rhythmic exercising. So if an instance arises that you could be stressed up chose an ideal method to go with.

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