Factors to Consider Before Buying Suitcases

There are many reasons why you travel, and usually, you got to consider the kind of travel you will engage in before deciding on which type of suitcases you are going to bring along. Likewise, aside from determining the place where you are going to travel, you should also know how you are going to travel. A sleek rolling suitcase will be very appropriate to carry around if you are going to engage in a business trip. However, if one will go on an adventure trip, it would be best to carry backpacks to be more agile and mobile in the process. The point is: your luggage and suitcases should be appropriate and should support you in your travel, instead of burdening you along the way. Some manufacturers are bent on creating suitcases on the basis of durability, while others are manufacturing suitcases based on how it would look and the kind of fabric used. Thus, it is imperative to consider some important factors to get the best suitcase for your needs.

Identifying the Deniers or Size of Yam Used in the Fabric

There is no better way to find out the durability of a suitcase’s fabric than to figure out the denier or the size of the yam utilized in making the fabric. There are many materials used in making suitcases, but ideally, you can compare the deniers of the same materials, say for instance, nylon to nylon in finding out which is more durable. The denier count is usually indicated in the product specification, and the materials with higher denier count have better durability.

The Strap Configuration and the Suitcase’s Size

So you got the denier count all figured out; yet, another consideration has to be taken. When travelling, the heavier your luggage, the sturdier the strap should be. So before buying a suitcase or luggage, you should look into the strength of the shoulder strap and waist straps. Heavy luggage can strain your shoulder and legs, thus the more distributed the weight of luggage is, the more comfortable you will be. Moreover, after figuring out how much stuff you are going to carry around when you travel, you should opt for the most appropriate size of suitcase which can accommodate all your things.

Luggage Locks

While traveling, you don’t want tag along a suitcase which does not have secured locks. So before you zero in on a nicely-looking suitcase, you should check the zippers and the locks of the suitcase. Malfunctioning locks and zipper can greatly hamper you in your travel and can compromise the safety of your things. So make sure that the locks are TSA-approved, and the zippers are of topnotch quality.

Brand, Cost, and Warranty

Some suitcases’ manufacturers have been known to manufacture sturdier suitcases. It would be good to join the bandwagon of people who vouch for the best lightweight suitcases. Ask those who often travel around about which brands are reliable enough when it comes to quality and durability. However, be prepared to pay extra money for more durable suitcases because they usually cost higher. Likewise, never forget to check on the warranty offered by the manufacturer of suitcases. Warranty can come in handy in case the suitcases you’ll buy incur some early damages.

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