Circular Saw Guide Rail

Getting a Smooth Cut When Using a Circular Saw Guide Rail

In case you are planning on using a circular saw guide, there are smart things that you should remember. As a newbie or a seasoned woodworker, here are some of the things that you should keep in mind when working with the circular saw guide rail if you need a smooth cut.

Inspect the Saw

First, make sure that your circular saw if operating well. Safety checks are significant before the machine is put into usage. Things to look into include; smooth blade guard retraction, broken blade teeth, rust, dullness, and damaged blades.

In case you have exposed wires in the cord or even the machine you can call a technician to fix them first. In case you are using a cordless saw, first ensure that the battery power is on the full scale.

Appropriate Handling Position

More importantly, you should also assume the right handling position. This is important whether you are using the universal guide rail for a circular saw or not. In case the blade is not straight or if there is a slight bend, the cut will be interfered with.

It is better if the motor faces the larger surface being cut as opposed to the smaller ones. In addition, during cutting, set the cutting depth as shallow as possible to prevent the blade from protruding more than an inch below the surface being cut.

Hold it Easy

To get the best cuts again you don’t have to press the saw so hard. According to the experts, anyone who wants to attain the perfect square crosscuts should always hold the saw with the blade right at the cut line before squeezing the trigger.

Initially, the process may seem hard. But with more practice, you will find it to be easy and will often come automatically.

Prevent Wood Splintering

Splintering is a result of a spinning circular blade entering and exiting from the top. Splintering occurs at the top of the surface especially when cutting floor shakes. To prevent this, always place the best surface of the wood facing downwards.

Final Verdict

Working with the universal guide rail for the circular saw is one way of preventing any form of splinters in your wooden surface. It is also one of the options that will give you stable cutting if you are a newbie.

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