How to Innovate Your Supply Chain and Reduce Time

The trucking industry always worked on the same principles since we can remember. Since we were children and we wowed at what seemed to be the biggest animal on the road, trucks always did the same things: deliver things from one place to another. Big things or big quantities were moved through countries, traveling hundreds of miles, just for us to be able to enjoy our favorite products. Yes, the machines changed in shape with more and more car manufacturers starting to make their own version of trucks. They started to become more conscious about fuel consumption and road safety, and even the comfort of the driver. But there’s still plenty of space for innovation in what our company thinks is one of the most important aspects: time.

While the time on the road can’t be played with much more as it will always be limited by the safety and the traffic laws, the processes happening before the departure and after the arrival of the trucks can still be optimized towards better times and higher productivity in the supply chain. The waiting time for the truck, when all the goods are handled by the logistics, can still be optimized and reduced towards better productivity, and in the end better profits.

The founders of CDL 1000 are currently changing the way trucking companies move and deliver containers to their destination. CDL 1000 is a trucking company that innovates. They are a technological company that has managed to build revolutionary technology which offers customers Real-Time tracking updates and takes in consideration the drivers’ feedback in terms of delivery, so the product can constantly be improved and innovated, and offer you accurate results. CDL 1000 is working to offer better solutions for the actual transportation of the goods, but also for how they are handled by the logistics department of your supply chain before and after they get into the containers. Their goal is to make sure the long-awaited products reach their destination in time and that they are cared for in the most safe and efficient ways.

CDL 1000 is trying to revolutionize Intermodal-Drayage logistics with a current focus on moving containers in Chicago area and around mid-west. By creating the Uberisation of Trucking-Drayage business they are one of the top players in “The Great Trucking Revolution”. The technology comes with a Web Calculator which is a new and innovative implementation in the trucking industry. This technology gives the same price for every transportation and offers a reliable solution to keeping track of miles and costs, and takes care of the illuminating need by being able to send 10s of emails and 10s of phone calls in mere seconds.

CDL 1000 is an asset-based third-party logistics leader. A brand that offers customized options to specific needs and is doing so by meeting with customers to learn about their business before taking any decisions. The process involves measuring their needs and wants, then creating together a solution to improve their supply chain. CDL 1000 doesn’t just move freight – it moves information. The role of information is crucial in supporting customers’ operations, and it can drastically influence the minimalization of risks and the increase of the overall productivity. Information is power. Information is control over the unpredictable future. CDL 1000 wants to take charge of the outcome of your transportations and leave nothing to chance.

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