Print Ad for Small Business Start-Up

It is gravely hard to determine how old is the print ad business in the industry of advertising. It is said that during the time of Egyptians there were already records of print advertising. Also in 17th century, several series advertisements had been published on the newspapers in England. But the bloom of of print ads started in 1836 in a French newspaper called La Presse started collecting advertisement charges. Today, it is any form of advertisement printed on a paper, be it in magazines, newspapers, tabloid, fliers, booklets and any advertisement that uses paper as a medium will be considered as a print advertisement.

Since the beginning of 20th century, business activities greatly escalate due to the diverse opportunities offered by the rapid changes in the economy. One of the most progressive type of business nowadays is the small-scale business, which is categorized depending on the scale of their workforce, annual receipts released and the number of manufactured products/ scale of services offered. Small-scale businesses become a trend since it can be easily modified as long as you have the capital, usually being owned privately or having partners and corporation. But due to its limited range on the potential consumers, these type of business needs to work a lot on their popularity to the public.

One of the most traditional yet effective way of earning popularity in the market is through advertising in print ads. The cost of print advertising vary depending on the publication, insertion and the number of quantities of prints. In famous magazine series, which can be seen on the grocery aisles where people usually check it out; magazine ads greatly varies in cost depending where would like to post your advertisements may it be posted on back cover, faux front cover, double page spread or center spread the costs varies on the different sections.

According to a statistical analysis conducted by Ryan Dorhn, CEO of Brain Swell Media, among the print mediums that can be modified with advertisements, magazines turned out to be everybody’s favorite on ad receptivity and social interaction even defeating the ratings of television and the internet. As he stated “ Magazines are medium of engagement and continue to score significantly higher than television and the internet in key engagement attributes…..”, it is very clear that magazine are not only an enjoyable source of information and entertaining, but also a great place to promote, encourage and affect potential consumer for your product.

Hence, if you are to start a new business, you should always consider on how to reach out you product to the consumers because if you don’t you cannot expect big revenues on your business. There are tons of choices and opportunities to advertise your product, may it be on television, radio, or in the internet, but according to the statics the most effective way of advertising your products is thorough the traditional way which is print ads; you just need to be wise on which type of print advertising medium you will engage, best options are magazine ads, news ads and fliers.

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