Tips on How to Become a Successful Corporate Events Planner

Find something new and keep it fresh

Without good planning corporate event planning can be stressful. For event planners to keep themselves and clients excited and interested about upcoming events, from time to time it is good to shake things up. Leave alone dusty ideas of cocktail hours and hotel meetings in the company lobby and start getting creative with the activities and venue. Also come up with options that are kid friendly so they can bring the whole family. Fun and unexpected event options go with a great attendance rate.

Take care of yourself

The focus is always on those being served when you are an event planner. Clients, attendees and staff all get pushed before the planner’s well being. Although, that is one of the hazards of planning corporate events, this can affect the quality of work. Get plenty of sleep, make time for exercise, and eat well. To build in casual time is also helpful. For example, a site visit is the perfect time to enjoy some of the venue’s amenities. Even if it means a luster tag, game of put-put golf, or a spa treatment, making some time to have a little fun and to let off steam can actually result in drive back in the office and more focus.

Use social media

Social media has many benefits, more than personal networking. Some social media tools are good and help keep attendances up to date on event happenings. You need to be more sensitive to your attendees. As a corporate events Los Angeles planner you’ll also want to make sure you have other contact methods if your attendees are of the demographic that don’t mostly use social media. Moreover, a quick post to an event twitter or face book account could inform all attendees of reminders, deadlines, updates and changes, like when to show up for an occasion at bar mitzvah los Angeles.

This is often the little things that slip through the cracks, while it seems to be a no brainer. Make a list of monthly, weekly, and daily tasks, in order to keep them in mind. Making a list on a sticky note posted to a bulletin board or the side of the computer is an old fashioned method but very classic. This method allows the immense satisfaction of putting a line through completed tasks.

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