Top 5 Practical Ways To Finance A New Business

So you have a great business venture in mind? And what are your waiting for? Why not set it up and begin minting the profits?

Usually any ideal business setup will make for a great way to earn a living. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s legal and can sell well.


But that might never come easy if you don’t have enough startup capital in place for your choice of business, so which are the most pragmatic ways to raise the money?

The very first one that many financial experts agree with is to leverage your personal assets to finance your new business venture.

This might include selling high price assets that you do not need, such as auctioning your antique jewelries or masterpieces.

And even if your don’t have enough liquid assets in your checking accounts, getting a home equity loan if you own your home would be a great option to consider if carefully planned.

Another one would be the use of “angel investors.” These are usually entrepreneurs that would dig deeper into their own pockets to finance your high growth new business venture.

However you will need to understand that money from an angel investor is never a loan. It is what we call “equity investment” therefore it buys the investor partial ownership of your biz.

So if you are taking money from angel investors, trust me you will be giving partial control of your new business to a new party.

Again one more ideal way is the use of bank loans. They have been used since time in memorial and have ruptured with great stories of success and failures alike.

But unfortunately enough they are also some of the most difficult loans to get due to their fixed interest rates and need for collateral for any eventuality.

However from some ideal financial advice for women, I have learnt that with the right attitude and business plan anyone can get lucky.

In the same line is the use of micro loans. Many at times these micro loan programs will assist small businesses to secure financing that they couldn’t get from traditional lenders say banks.

The money is channeled down to ideal intermediaries who would then make small loans at a relatively low interest for the start up business ventures.

Yet if all these seem so much up tight for you to get into, my advice to you will be to establish a great relationship with your supplier.

In doing so, you will be able to benefit from ideal trade credit. This means that when the supplier delivers the goods they bring them with an invoice for the amount due.

But instead of asking for cash on delivery leaves you with a flexible period of time to pay them back without incurring any interest or penalties.

And finally apart from all these you can as well turn to your credit cards since some offer ideal credit limits that could work for fantastic capitals though like career advice for women states you might need to acquire proper finical advice before doing so.

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