Write Your CNA Cover Letter Better Than a Business Grad

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) positions are in plenty all over the country. Funny enough, there are still many CNAs who can’t get job placements in this highly marketable career. What most of them do not know is that hiring managers will always make their decisions based on first impressions. And as any job seeker knows, the first time any hiring manager will ever come to know anything about you is through your job application. Once you send your application, your cover letter is what will form that vital first impression. CNAs need to perfect their cover letters in ways that will make even a business graduate envious. A good first and lasting impression is what will get your foot inside that interview room and may as well be the deciding factor on whether you will ultimately get hired.


Customize and Personalize

Most CNAs who find it hard to get a job always use the same cover letter for every job application. This is a lazy way of doing things and will probably not get you very far. The best way to make your cover letter is to customize it for the particular job you are applying for. Avoid using terms such as “To Whom It May Concern”, “Dear Hiring Manager”, or “Dear Sir/Madam”. Do some research and find out the name of the person you will be applying to and possibly the person’s job designation. Addressing your letter to Mr. John Smith (Head of Clinical Department) sounds much smarter and more personal compared to “Dear Madam”.

Show Empathy and Passion

The role of a CNA involves being empathetic to other people’s needs. Your cover letter has better chances of getting you that coveted job if you can express your empathetic nature. Describe how you previously helped a patient and built a professional relationship that helped the patient have a positive health outcome. Show your passion for the job by giving a story of what attracted you to the nursing career. Nevertheless, remember to be brief and avoid getting too much into details of your past experiences as these will be covered in your resume. Ensure that your letter sounds professional and sincere.

Use Tried and Proven Methods

While creativity is always encouraged, it is better to go with tried and tested job application methods that work. Get a professional CNA Cover Letter Sample and use it to create your own personal letter. This will guide you in putting your points across and not leaving out the important details.

Your cove letter is you knocking on the door of your career goals. If it impresses, you get called in for the interview. If it’s lackluster, you never get to see the inside of that door. Make it professional and back it up with some research.

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